The Umbrella

 Photos by Amy Gore

Photos by Amy Gore


This first narrative dance piece came out a simple outline that Mr Tony Heuvels turned into a beautiful piece of music that I am still impressed by every time I hear it.

Miss Angela Bettina Canalese took my nearly zero knowledge of dance in her stride and turned my simple ideas into a captivating performance.

Miss Amy Gore not only made the umbrella puppets but she also captured some amazing photographs. I encourage you to look through the gallery, they are well worth your time.

We shot this over 2, four hour sessions on a weekend and I am very grateful for everyone's time and endurance to make this little experiment a reality.


 Photos by Amy Gore

Photos by Amy Gore


Christopher D. Bruce  -  Director, Camera Operator and Editor

Angela Bettina Canalese  -  Dancer

Tony Heuvels  -  Composer

Guillermo Troncoso  -  Camera Assistant

Oliver Kennedy  -  Camera Assistant

Amy Gore  -  Umbrella Construction and Photographer

Robert Gray  -  Umbrella Puppeteer

Tom Eaton  -  Umbrella Puppeteer and Photographer

Fiona Eaton  -  Photographer